Redemption Tattoo  2090 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA. 02140

 Mon - Sat 11am - 8pm  Sun 12pm - 8pm

Redemption Tattoo has been an elite, forward-thinking establishment since the doors were opened in the spring of 2002 by owners / tattooers Mike Shea and Erick Lynch, each with 25+ years experience in tattooing. Working along side Jebb Riley, Deirdre Doyle, Caitlin Feuerbach and Joe Gettler.
Redemptions artists specialize in a wide variety of custom tattoo work.  
If you would like to make an appointment to get tattooed by one of our artists. Please email the artist you are interested in working with or come by the shop for a consultation. For consultations, you don't need an appointment, but it's advisable to call ahead to make sure your desired artist will be there when you come in. We do not take appointments over the phone, through our facebook page or through email. A nonrefudable cash deposit is required when setting up the appointment. If you are traveling from out of state you may leave your deposit through PAYPAL. If you have general questions about designs, pricing, availability, etc. please call us at 617-576-0097. 

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